50 Shades of Frayed is an Amazon bestselling humor memoir in parenting and family. 

Snarky, funny humor that will leave moms everywhere shaking their heads in agreement and understanding!

50 Shades of Frayed

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 50 Shades of Frayed Book Reviews

5 stars on Amazon Reviews!

“This book had me laughing on page one. Laughing so loud that my husband yelled from downstairs to ask me to “shut up.” – Erica, We Three Crabs, on Amazon


What Others Are Saying

As a working mom, wife, mother, pet owner, church volunteer and all the other hats we women get to wear, I can relate to the toll life, time, and just being comfortable can take on the amount of time you are naked in a marriage. This book cleverly and humorously let’s women know they are not alone and while we all know we should try harder, the truth is we all have limited time, energy, and let’s be frank, interest. The perfect book to share with the friend who is beating herself up over what so many marriages experience. I could gush all day but the 4 yo just realized I turned off Caillou! – Brandi, Amazon Review


Found myself nodding and chuckling in agreement. Should be required reading for husbands and wives…
–Angela Donner, Library Girl Reads


Funny and real. Finally, someone had the guts to say out loud what we’re all thinking. A must read for women who juggle… –deb56 on Amazon


LOVED IT. So awesome to hear the stories and realize I’m not alone! –Shannon Goodson, Reader Email


Hilarious! Well written and funny. I enjoyed this book immensely… Goes well with a glass of wine after a stressful day! –Krystan on Amazon

Meet the Authors

Crystal Paschal and her sonsJacqueline Wilson and her daughter

Amanda Romine Lynch





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